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​Architectural Candidates

Kentucky’s registration requirements establish the minimum criteria for legally practicing architecture. The basics of that criteria involves standards of education, training, and examination.

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky an individual may be referred to as an Architectural Intern when meeting elements of that criteria, which specifically include:

  • Be of good moral character (ref: 201 KAR 19:035, Section 2 (1))
    Hold a professional degree in architecture accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)
  • Is in the process of satisfying the Kentucky Board’s training requirements and be enrolled in and actively pursuing completion of AXP, or having completed the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) as administered by NCARB.
  • Be a current applicant for the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) with the Kentucky Board of Architects.

The use of the term Architect Intern is not permitted by any individual not meeting the above minimum criteria. The use of the term Intern Architectural is not permitted in Kentucky at any time.

Certified Interior Designer Applicants

The Commonwealth of Kentucky established KRS 323.400 – KRS 323.416 setting forth criteria for certification of interior designers.  The governing body for certification is the Kentucky Board of Architects.

Currently there are four (4) methods by which an individual can meet established criteria to apply for certification and recognition by the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a Certified Interior designer.  Those methods are defined as follows:

Method 1:

Main Track with a CIDA or NAAB Accredited Degree

  • A four year degree from a CIDA/NAAB accredited school
  • Successful completion of the NCIDQ exam
  • Two years of experience under:
    1. an NCIDQ certificate holder
    2. a licensed architect
    3. interior designer who is licensed/certified/registered in Kentucky or another state.

Method 2:

Main Track with a Non-CIDA or Non-NAAB Accredited Degree

  • Successful completion of the NCIDQ exam
  • With...
    5 years of education NEED 2 years of experience
    4 years of education NEED 3 years of experience
    3 years of education NEED 4 years of experience
    2 years of education NeEED 5 years of experience
  • Years of experience under:
    1. an NCIDQ certificate holder
    2. a licensed architect
    3. interior designer who is licensed/certified/registered in Kentucky or another state

Note: The requirements for Method 2 must be completed prior to January 1, 2012

Method 3:

Licensed Architect

Any licensed architect in Kentucky can apply for Certification​

Method 4:


In 201 KAR19:325 (Kentucky Administrative Regulations) reference is made to Certification by Persons Credentialed in Other  Jurisdictions.  The reference states as follows:

Section 1.
An interior designer credentialed in another jurisdiction shall obtain certification in Kentucky before using the title “Certified Interior Designer”, in this jurisdiction, in accordance with KRS 323.402.

Section 2.
An applicant credentialed as an interior designer in another jurisdiction shall provide documentation demonstrating:
(a.) that the standards for certification in the jurisdiction of their original certification met the requirements of KRS 323.410(1) and  201 KAR 19:315 at the time of the certification.​

If you believe you meet the criteria of any one of the four methods referenced above, have any questions, or would like to receive an application, please contact the Board Office at 859/246-2069 or email us at​​

: Applicants & Candidates